VeloVedic was founded by a keen cyclist and a yoga teacher. The name represents a fusion of two complimentary lifestyles.

velo: from the French velocipede - an early type of bicycle.
vedic: a period in Indian history from which yoga evolved.

Together, we bring our passion for cycling and yoga to provide a unique training experience for the road bike enthusiast. Based in Oxford, our retreats are a balance of riding and resting, optimising the time you spend both on, and off the bike.

Arran is our Chief Roadie with over 20 years of cycling experience. Arran started riding as a student in the late 90s with the Edinburgh Road Club, and you could say he has learnt a thing or two since then. In his current role as Training and Development Officer for the Cowley Road Condors, Arran delivers bike handling sessions for a wide range of abilities, and competes on and off road.

Becci is our Chief Yogi and has been practising since the age of 15, prompted by an exotic-looking book she found in the library. A British Wheel of Yoga teacher, Becci runs a number of classes and workshops in Oxford and since 2014, has facilitated a popular annual cycling-specific yoga course to see the local cycling community through the Winter training season.

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